Saskian Synthetics
Clock Divider

Available on Reverb

  • 14HP
  • Depth: 17mm behind panel
  • Outputs: from 0V to +5V

Clock Divider with CLK and RESET inputs and outputs for end of measure and end of bar fills, as well as a cv selectable output.

Individual outs for /1 up to /32 divisions.

Input 16ths CLK IN and a RESET to get FILLS at the end of a measure, end of 4 bars, and a customizable FILL 3.

SEL OUT selects an individual output to use depending on the SELECT knob.

QUANT is normalled to /2 so that the SELECT output will only switch timings on the rising edge of OUT/2.

If SEL CV is patched, the knob is inactive and the SEL OUT can be sequenced by a 0 to +5V signal.