Saskian Synthetics



Available on Reverb

  • Voltage controlled gate length.
  • Voltage controlled trig/gate delay.
  • Quantized trig/gate muting.
  • End of cycle outputs. 
  • Summing with norm-breaking ouputs. 
  • Wait mode ignores new trigs during high gate out. 
  • Grid mode is a quad synced clock divider/multiplier.
  • Each channel’s clock rate is cv selectable. 

  • Current Draw +12V: 97mA   -12V: 21mA.
  • 28HP wide.
  • Depth: 17mm behind panel
  • Outputs: from 0V to 10V  
  • Segment duration from 40 microseconds to 16 seconds.
  • Propagation delay under 200 microseconds

Four channel performance oriented gate and trigger length determination, clock speed manipulation, and rhythmic or euclidian sequencer.

Any TRIG or gate will be converted to a gate between 40 microseconds and 16 seconds long, determined by the LENGTH knob. Turned fully CW, the gate will remain on indefinitely.

Send a trigger or gate in the TRIG input or fire it off manually with the top pushbutton pot.

CV control over LENGTH goes through an attenuverter - | + for fine control of timing, allowing inversion of cv input signal.

Turn the LENGTH pot completely clockwise for an indefinitely sustained high gate.

MUTES per channel quantize gate start times to the next incoming TRIG

The lower pushbutton pot on each channel toggles the MUTE state cooperatively with the MUTE input. 

A short envelope is output at EOC at the end of the gate. This allows for swing, timing offsets, release stage gates, or if all 4 channels are self patched, arbitrarily timed 4 step sequencing.

Channels are unified at SUM OUT unless the lower OUT, labeled BREAK is patched, breaking that channel’s path to sum.


wait mode
When wait is enabled, Gatekeeper will ignore any incoming TRIG until the OUT for that channel has gone low.

When wait is disabled, each incoming TRIG will retrigger the OUT, regardless of whether it is currently high or low. 

grid mode 
Grid Mode: Hold down MODE for 1 second to enter a global clock multiplier/divider mode clocked synchronously by CH4 TRIG in. Length knobs now become clock dividers CCW and clock multipliers CW.

Grid mode may be triggered from a constant clock or inconsistent triggers to create more chaotic rhythms. 

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